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Mán-mán   Design

蛮蛮鸟设计事务所由罗黛诗和谭志鹏于2015年成立。他们擅长发掘物质特性,在设计艺术领域运用材料创作思维探索设计与艺术的边界,以及材料、自然、人类之间的关系。近年来,以铜为主题进行了系列探索。Tan 擅长失蜡铸造,Luo 专注铜着色艺术研究。两者从物理和化学的视角探索铜在“形”和“色”中的生命状态。 各自独立创作又互相融合,在持续的实验与运用中探索物质的多种可能性。

他们的创作在全球各大领先展览、美术馆和机构中展出,例如 Design Miami/Basel (CH, US),  Collective New York (NY),  Salon Art+Design(NY),Design Shanghai (CN),  Asian Art Exhibition (HK) 等等,以及获得2017年中国国家艺术基金项目支持,作品被美术馆和多位私人藏家收藏。

Mán-mán studio was founded in 2015 by Daishi Luo and Zhipeng Tan. They are good at discovering material properties, and crazy about copper. They have kept developed their own craftsmanship, use material-creation thinking to explore the boundaries between design and art, and the relationship between materials, nature, and humans. In recent years, a series of explorations have been conducted on the theme of copper. Tan is good at lost wax casting, and Luo focuses on the study of copper growth art. Both explore the multiple life states of copper from a physical and chemical perspective. Each of them independently creates and integrates each other, exploring the multiple possibilities of matter in continuous experimentation and application.

Their creations are exhibited in leading exhibitions, galleries and institutions around the world, such as Design Miami Basel (US, CH), Collective New York (NY), Salon Art+Design (NY), Design Shanghai (CN), HOW. Art Museum (CN), Asian Art Exhibition (HK), Gree Coast Gallery (CN), etc., and supported by the National Art Foundation of China, the works are collected by art galleries and a number of private collectors.

展览 & 获奖

展览 & 获奖

Awards & Exhibitions

融合展《Elle Decoration家居廊》,米兰国际家具(上海)展览会,2018

Design Miami/Basel,Basel,2018


Here is Now,West Bund Long Museum,Shanghai,2018

Design Shanghai,2018

五感觉醒,COAST GALLERY,Zhuhai,2018

China National Arts Fund(Young Art Talents,2017)

Collective New York,2017
Salon Art + Design,New York,2017
Design Miami,2017
The New Creative:The Future of Chinese Design,Shanghai,2017
Emerging Chinese Designer,AD,Shanghai,2017
Design Shanghai,2017
An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture,Paris,Brussels,Turkey,2017
Rong 5 years(Hand Made In Hangzhou),Milan,2017
Design Show shanghai,Shanghai,2017

Asian Art Exhibition,HK,2016
Design Miami,2016
Shanghai Art Fair,2016
World Industrial Design Conference,2016
Rong Copper(Hand Made In Hangzhou),2016

Milano Design Week,2016

Design Miami/Basel,2015
Collective New York,2015
An Exhibition of Chinese Tableware Design and Culture,Milano,Venice,2015